Client Server Applications

Client Server Applications:

The phrase client/server was first brought into serious business in the 1980s in reference to PCs connected on a network. The tangible and robust client/server computing model started gaining acceptance in the late 1980s. The client/server software architecture is a resourceful, message-based and modular infrastructure that is certain to improve usability, flexibility, interoperability and scalability as compared to other antiquated models.

Consultants at MIS have myriad man months of experience in successfully implementing client/server-based models for clients from multiple vertical industries. Over the years, MIS has emerged successful by putting into practice, proficiency in relational database management systems and multiple client/server architectures.

Be a simple two-tier architecture for a small network of < = 50 PCs, where the system interface is located in the user's desktop environment and database management services on the server or a complex three-tier architecture with several thousands of PCs internet-worked through a middle tier, we have successfully delivered path breaking innovative solutions to our clients.

Our expertise includes implementing multiple three-tier architectures such as three-tier with transaction processing monitor, three-tier with message server and application server technology.