Billing and Coding

Billing and Coding:

We offer Medical Billing and Coding services all over the US and since each clinic/hospital/ are unique and have its own software and procedures we customize our Services to meet the clients’ needs. There are different ways in which the Billing process could be carried out, the preferred method for a running practice would be to work on the current software which is being used and access the systems and the databases through terminal services, this is the most preferred method unless and until specified by the client. In case of a new Doctor’s office which is yet to start the practice, we would offer the entire solution of installing the required setup and then operating it from the offsite location. Medical Billing & Coding is a serious business in this day and age of medical practices. Without the proper knowledge of medical coding and reimbursement methodologies, providers and practices will not receive the proper reimbursements, if any reimbursement at all. In order to ensure that the claims are submitted in the right manner we employ Medical Billing & Coding specialists several years of clinical experience in a vast array of medical specialties, and have their CCS-P and/or CCS credentials. Our staff is well versed with ICD-9, CPT, and/or HCPCS codes. We offer nothing but the best in coding staff and coding services.